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There are many different types of hair styling appliances, including hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers. Each one is designed to achieve a specific look or style and can be used on different types of hair. Some popular features that are often included in hair styling appliances are adjustable heat settings, ionic technology, and ceramic plates.


Shaoxing Yiqiang Electric Appliance Technology Co.,Ltd.
Shaoxing Yiqiang Electric Appliance Technology Co.,Ltd. is outstanding China Hair Styling Appliance Factory and Hair Care Electric Tool Manufacturers . Located in Shaoxing city, 45mins driving from Hangzhou Airport, with 15,000 square meters factory area and 200 employees, which is a professional and experiencedl export-oriented manufacturer of personal hair care products since 1998.We OEM/ODM high quality Customized Hair Styling Appliance.Our main products cover medical devices and personal hair care products,including infrared thermometer, hair dryers, hot air brushes, hair straighteners, curling irons and so on, which have more than 100 models for your choice. The annual output is more than 10 million dollars. We obtained the the international I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2 0 1 5 Quality Assurance Standard, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Certification and ISO13485:2016 Quality Management Standard, almost products are with GS/CE/EMC/ROHS approval for European market as well as FCC, ETL approval for American market. Our customers are from more than 30 countries, including Germany, Netherlands, Brasil, Russia, Koreas and so on. We strive to create our own brands, and we also accept OEM and ODM orders.



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Shaoxing Yiqiang Electric Appliance Technology Co.,Ltd.
There are various types of hair styling appliances available in the market, each designed for different purposes and hairstyles. Here are some of the most common types:
Hair Dryer: Hair dryers, also known as blow dryers, are used to dry wet hair quickly by blowing hot air. They come with different heat and speed settings and often include attachments like diffusers and concentrators for different styling techniques.
Hair Straightener: Also known as flat irons, hair straighteners are used to create smooth, straight hair by applying heat to the hair shaft. They typically have heated plates that glide over the hair to straighten it and may come with adjustable temperature settings.
Curling Iron/Wand: Curling irons or wands are used to create curls or waves in the hair. They have a heated barrel that you wrap sections of hair around, and the heat helps shape the hair into curls. Different barrel sizes produce different types of curls, from tight to loose.
Hot Rollers: Hot rollers are heated cylinders or rollers that you roll sections of hair onto to create curls or volume. They are usually left in the hair for a specific amount of time to set the curls, and then removed.
Crimping Iron: Crimping irons create a crimped or zigzag pattern in the hair by pressing heated plates with ridges onto the hair strands. This creates a textured or wavy look.
Hot Brushes: Hot brushes combine the functions of a brush and a heated styling tool. They have bristles with built-in heat, allowing you to brush through your hair while simultaneously styling it.
Hair Styling Comb: Hair styling combs have heat-resistant teeth or plates and are used to create precise hairstyles, such as sleek updos or intricate braids. They can be heated or used without heat, depending on the desired style.
Hair Rollers: Hair rollers are cylindrical devices used to create curls, volume, or waves in the hair. They come in different sizes and can be heated or non-heated. They are typically secured in place using pins or clips.
Hair Crimper: Hair crimpers have multiple ridged plates that create a crimped pattern throughout the hair. This tool is used to add texture or create a unique style.
Multi-Styling Tools: Some hair styling appliances combine multiple functions in one device, such as straightening, curling, and crimping. These versatile tools often have interchangeable plates or barrels for different styling options.

When using heat-based hair styling appliances, it's essential to prioritize safety to protect your hair and prevent any accidents. Here are some important safety precautions to keep in mind:
Read the Instructions: Familiarize yourself with the user manual and instructions provided with your hair styling appliance. Each device may have specific guidelines and safety recommendations that you should follow.
Check the Appliance Condition: Before using any heat-based appliance, inspect it for any signs of damage or frayed cords. Do not use the appliance if it is damaged, as it may pose a safety risk.
Use Heat Protectant Products: Apply a heat protectant spray, cream, or serum to your hair before using any heat styling tool. These products help minimize heat damage and protect your hair from excessive heat exposure.
Adjust the Temperature: If your hair styling appliance has adjustable temperature settings, use the appropriate temperature for your hair type. Fine or damaged hair generally requires lower heat settings, while thick or coarse hair may need higher temperatures. Avoid using excessive heat that could damage your hair.
Test the Heat: Before using the appliance on your entire head of hair, test the heat on a small section to ensure it's at a safe and comfortable level. This step helps prevent accidentally burning or overheating your hair.
Don't Leave the Appliance Unattended: Never leave a heat-based hair styling appliance unattended while it's plugged in and turned on. Even a momentary distraction can lead to accidents or damage.
Avoid Touching Hot Surfaces: Be cautious when handling the appliance, especially the heated surfaces. Avoid touching them directly to prevent burns. Use the provided handles, grips, or heat-resistant gloves if necessary.
Keep Away from Water: Keep your hair styling appliance away from water or any damp areas to avoid electrical hazards. Do not use the appliance near water sources like sinks or bathtubs.
Allow Sufficient Cooling Time: After using a heated appliance, allow it to cool down completely before storing it. This prevents accidental burns or damage to surfaces it comes in contact with.
Unplug after Use: Always unplug the appliance from the power source after use. Leaving it plugged in can lead to accidents and potential fire hazards.
Store Safely: Store your hair styling appliances in a safe and dry place, away from reach of children or pets. Avoid placing them on flammable surfaces or near flammable materials.

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